Monday, 1 December 2008

White rabbits

There is a debate about whether one should say ‘Rabbits’ or ‘White Rabbits’ as one’s first words at the start of a new month. I rarely remember either. Indeed, my first words at the start of almost any day are rarely printable in a family-friendly Blog. This morning was a very mild one. The word ‘Shoot’ sufficed.

This tells you a lot about how I am feeling this morning. I usually wake in a lot of pain. First job, down painkillers and second job grab a hot drink and some toast. Once painkillers have begun to kick in I feel more ready to face the day. This morning, however, I feel really bright. Apart from the pain in my left hand (which caused the mild expletive) and a background ache in one or two other spots I am remarkably pain-free. I cannot remember when that last happened. It is some compensation for feeling awful and lying in bed most of yesterday! It may be short-lived but I just had to blog about how great it feels.

The weather forecast is “Cloudy with a 60% chance of precipitation”. Shame, feeling like this (if I still do later on) I quite fancy an expedition out somewhere. It remains to be seen whether the rain will put me off.

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