Thursday, 4 December 2008

The festive season approacheth.

The festive season approacheth. I didn’t manage to get all my cards done by the end of November which was my target. Liz did, as always, and posted it on 1st December so it arrived first but this year was matched by Ken’s. I would award them the Road-kill Pheasant Award except that Liz would win it every year so I’ve stopped doing that one.

Meanwhile my cards are written but not yet addressed.

By contrast, I have done really well on the present front. I am allergic to shopping at Christmas – I get itches, aches and pains, swollen ankles, bad temper and exhaustion. Actually I have those all year round but in December they get worse. As a result I have got all the presents in advance and they now sit, wrapped, on the landing waiting for a tree to shade them. I am eyeing up the Spruce in the back garden debating whether its tall thin top is ever going to be suitable. It’s this year or never.


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