Monday, 15 December 2008

Prince the Reindeer

I have started to put the decorations up but Prince the Reindeer doesn’t need to be hunted out from a box in the loft like the others. Prince lives on the window ledge all year round!

Jo and I went and bought the Christmas tree yesterday morning.

It’s standing in the corner of the conservatory, still wrapped in its net, awaiting my having the energy to decorate it later today...

I wonder how many man hours per year are spent trying to make last year’s Christmas tree lights work before finally giving up and going out to buy some more?

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  1. Regarding the lights... I have one set that are on 2 parallel strings joined together at the ends. Despite trying to roll them up neatly each year it always takes around 15 minutes to untangle them the following year. I wonder when I will give up and buy a new set.


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