Saturday, 6 December 2008

A Christmas Card

This hand made Christmas Card was sent by my Grandmother’s uncle (Edwin Cross) in Montréal, Canada, to my Grandparents in Liverpool. Unfortunately the white on the card is a very chalky paint and has rubbed off in places. It was sent in 1917 and is certainly the oldest surviving Christmas card in our family.

The text reads:-

The scene has changed,
but the song remains.
Love is immortal!
Sometimes the melody is gay
At other times it is sad.
But ‘tis deathless!!

To Mr & Mrs Body
With Best wishes for a Happy New Year
Dec 1917
from Uncle Edwin

An old country winter’s day – The Village church!!


  1. How lovely! I don't have anything going back nearly that far, but I have heard quoted an excerpt from my paternal grandfather's letter to my eventual grandmother while he was away at war: "As sure as the rats run in the rafters, you're the hot mama that I'm after."
    See why I don't want to investigate that side of the family?

  2. Aren't you so lucky to have this! Just think what was going on in the world that December. It gives me shivers. Thanks for sharing it.


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