Monday, 29 December 2008

A Twiglet competition

I should love you to enter this competition, if it proves successful I shall offer a ‘proper’ prize next time.

Firstly, for those on the other side of the Atlantic who, it seems, don't have them, may I explain what a Twiglet is. Twiglets are marmite flavoured snacks manufactured in Aintree, Liverpool, by Jacob's Bakery Ltd., a subsidiary of United Biscuits. They are marketed in the United Kingdom and Australia, packaged in a 150 gram bag. They are also available in 25 and 45 gram bags and in 200g tubs. Descriptions from the package: "a whole lot of crunch in a wholewheat munch", "entertain your senses!", "distinctive knobbly shape", "baked not fried".

Normally a Twiglet is long and thin and straight. This time the Twiglet machine went a bit berserk and produced what I think is undoubtedly an animal.

The Competition - to give this animal a name!

The Judges – Jo and I.

The Prize - the satisfaction of knowing you've won!


  1. My hubby and I were looking at this and trying to come up with some witty something of a critter.

    He thought it would look somewhat like a Terrier if not for the horn on the top of the head.

    So, we come up with the....

  2. Twiggy?

    or about George the genetically modified giraffe...

  3. Big "H" - a unicorn on steroids with an overgrown horn.

  4. It's obviously a long-horned club-legged mule deer!

  5. A horse with a top hat.

    Are we limited to one entry per person/household?

  6. As many entries as you like, Ian. The more the merrier. (And the sillier the better!)

  7. Mulet or Twool (a mule twiglet or a twiglet mule)

  8. If you add 'Horned' to Simply Heather's suggestion you get Horned Terricorn. That overcomes Simply Heather's problem of the horn. Simple really.

  9. Blitzen!

    For the Blitz of flavor & crunch you get, plus it looks like a reindeer!


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