Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Day

Candles galore on Christmas Day.

Time to Open Presents.

Which one shall I open next?

Who’s this from?

Lots of books – of course!

Time for Dinner.

Just the gravy and the mash to go - Thanks Jo!


  1. Ah, looks lovely! I meant to take a photo of my plate, but feared everything getting cold. That, and I had to pop up about ten times to get things others' needed.

    But our dinner consisted of: pork roast, roast veggies, and polenta baked with cheese (Swiss on some, Gorgonzola on others). Oh, and there was a first pasta course of raviloi: portabella mushroom, Gorgonzola cheese and lobster filled.

    Dessert? A decadent chocolate cake and the stollen (did you find the recipe?).

    A good repast was had by all.

  2. Okay..okay..I did have a few more minutes and wandered over to this blog of yours ;o). Again...glad I did!!

    You're an inspiration, dear Sir. I love the wisdom and intellect that I find in Writer's...the character (like myself) of enjoying life, finding wonder, writing about it and sharing it with the world. It truly is exciting.

    ~Love the shirt!

    I'll be back again, sooner than later.

  3. Yes, I found lots of stollen recipes on-line (though not a one in my cook-books!). The one I used ended up on my recipe blog at -
    (That's the trouble with doing a few blogs, I mention something on one and then switch to another - how annpying for folk!)
    P.S. My wife is now addicted to stollen too so it went pretty quickly.


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