Monday, 1 December 2008

Word Games

I enjoy word games. Two sites that I visit as often as I can (I was going to say daily but that ignores days like yesterday when I felt too yuck to crawl the six feet from bed to computer) are Word Imperfect and What could it mean?

Word Imp – a children’s book author from New Zealand - chooses an obscure dictionary word. You invent a wacky meaning. She then puts three pf her favourite answers on the voting poll and lists the true meaning. There are no prizes, just lots of fun!

"What could it mean?" involves using CAPTCHA (Word Verification) words and what they might mean. “Is anyone tired of those word verifications required for posting comments? Why not play a fun game where we you get to define the possible meaning of those words and use them in a sentence of your own creation?”

Both are really good fun and certainly worth the occasionally visit. They do, however, come with a health warning. It’s easy to get hooked!

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