Wednesday, 3 December 2008

This morning’s Grump

It is 3.10 a.m.. That's 3.10 in the morning. And sleep is not one of the seventeen options that seem to be open to me at the moment. I’ve tried tossing and turning; I’ve tried rolling into a ball; and I’ve tried the foetal position. I've mangled the pillow into every imaginable shape. So, in the end I decided to sit up and read. I reached for a new book. It’s always best to start a new book, preferably slim and dip-into-able, when you are tired but cannot sleep. Now here is my grump.

I couldn’t read the damn thing because the print was too small and the white on orange made it even more unpalatable. It was even more annoying because the book “Nice Cup Of Tea and a Sit Down” looked like being funny and informative. Funny and informative is a good combination, but only if you can read it. I don’t know how you measure font sizes on the printed page but this was something like size 6.... And no, I'm not going to try using a magnifying glass.

Grump, grump. Settled for getting our of bed and blogging instead.

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