Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Leaf skeletons

This leaf was skeletonised by my grandmother = probably around a hundred years ago!

These dyed leaf skeleton book marks were given me by Thein Swee Lay - a Malaysian penpal I had when I was a child.

There is an article on how to skeletonise leaves here.

Another method is as follows:-
"To produce good specimens, put the leaves into a deep jar and cover over with soft water, which must not be changed; the jar to be put into a cool place. When, upon examination, the leaves are found to be quite soft, they must be carefully brushed in a plate of water with a camel's hair brush. Then they should be placed in a weak solution of chloride of lime for a short time, to whiten the fibres, and afterwards washed well in two or three waters, and dried carefully between sheets of blotting-paper or linen; after which they are ready for mounting.

All leaves will not answer for dissecting, but those that have been most successfully operated upon are the leaves of the Magnolia, Ivy, Pear, Rose, Holly, Orange, Poplar, Willow, Elm, Lime, Service-tree, Spanish and Horse Chestnut, and Oak. The last, however, should not be put into the same vessel as the others, as it affects them in an undesirable manner. Certain seed-vessels will also dissect admirably, such as the Stramonium, Winter Cherry, Poppy, etc."

(From Chest of Books.)

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  1. My, what a process but I do like the outcome. What treasures you have! To think that you have the colored ones from a Malaysian pen!!


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