Sunday, 21 August 2011

Thoughtful Sunday

Thoughtful Sunday - I have decided to occasionally use (a split infinitive especially for GB) Sunday's posting on this blog for something a little more profound than the average ramble.

The other day I came across a wonderful phrase -
He is deep of my soul, because he has added dimensions to it.

It was written by Archie Hill about his disabled son, Barry in an article ‘The Closed World of Love’ in the BBC Book ‘The Light of Experience’ published in 1977. This seven page article is a moving account of what it is like to have a severely disabled child.

I have learned rich things from Barry. Things I could never have learned from the Bible or pulpit, or churches. I think I will treasure always the trust and affection he had for me. I will remember always the way his eyes lit up as I walked towards him. He is deep of my soul, because he has added dimensions to it.

Anyone who has had children, of whatever sort and however long they lived or have continued to live can, I’m sure, say the same. Each of my children is deep of my soul because each has added such dimensions to it.


  1. Absolutely! And what a gorgeous photo of your lovely children!
    Deep of your soul, brings a lump to my throat. :)

  2. Amen. Even if sometimes the dimension is patience.

  3. Thanks Shabby Girl. Ah, yes, B&B, patience. If only!

  4. What a lovely photo of Richard, Helen and Bryony. I can't believe I was lucky enough to stumble across your wonderful blog a couple of years ago.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful insight.

    Canadian Chickadee

  5. I truly agree and would never have known such a depth as this, without having become a mother ♥

    Wonderful post, my friend.


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