Monday, 15 August 2011

Happy Monday - Ten Things Which Lurk

Ten things which lurk...
...beneath the kitchen sink:-

Enough half-used tins of polish to shine the boots of an entire regiment

Old knickers and T-shirts which will make "marvelous dusters"

Half a dozen tiles left over from tiling the kitchen walls

A roll of bin liners which didn't fit

Empty coffee and pickle jars which will "come in useful one day" but never do

A solidified box of Polyfilla

A giant stash of supermarket carrier bags

A cracked saucer and two old Brillo pads

A bottle of stain remover (used once)

A grey dishcloth with more holes than cloth

From Journolists - Mail on Sunday - 4th Aug 1991


  1. Well, at least the old tee shirts will come in handy for using up the boot polish!!
    Canadian Chickadee

  2. If all of that lot is in one cupboard then you have a mighty big cupboard.


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