Monday, 15 August 2011

Kick Off

This post was scheduled to post on Saturday at midday. Why does Google keep turning my scheduled posts into 'drafts'- it's most annoying!

The football season opens in England today and back home my son Richard will be avidly watching the progress of Liverpool FC (the team we both support) and hoping, nay, praying, that they do well in their first match against Sunderland *.

I have just come across a note in an old notebook from 1995 when he was about seven years old -

Richard:- Dad, can footballers be married?
Me:- Yes Richard, what makes you ask?
Richard:- Because priests can’t be married can they?

Obviously even at the age of seven he had realised that in Liverpool, football is a religion. Sadly, Liverpool’s rivals, Everton FC (also based in the city) will not be playing today. They were due to play Tottenham in London and the Tottenham football ground is still a crime scene after this week’s mindless rioting, thuggery and general criminality.

The bird on the Liverpool FC badge is the famous Liverbird (pronounced ‘LIVE-er bird’ not 'liver', like the part of the body!). It is generally accepted that the Liverbird came into being thanks to mistakes made by medieval printers. Artists botched the image of an eagle on the seal of King John on the charter granted to the City of Liverpool. The symbol was gradually transformed to look more like the cormorants that were a common sight on the River Mersey and finally into the "Liverbird" with a sprig of broom in its beak.

* (It turned out to be a one all draw!)

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