Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Slide Shows

Do you remember how, in the 'good old days', the family would gather in the living room to watch a slide show. The big heavy projector would be set up on its stand. The screen was unrolled. The hunt was made for a spare bulb in case the projector decided to burn out its lamp.

And, if the projector took 'magazines', hours would have been spent in advance putting the slides into them, getting the order correct and making sure none were upside down.

Last night, round at the house of some friends, I enjoyed (after a delightful meal) the modern equivalent. GB plugged his computer into their television and we looked at their daughter's photos of Callanish (on the Isle of Lewis) and Alaska.

Even Briagha paid attention for a while.

It was a heck of a lot easier than the old days and the pictures looked superb - mind you, they were exceedingly high quality and of lovely subjects. The snow-melt was so real it made me shiver.

Here's one for son-in-law-and friend-who-loves-otters. (Bearing in mind I photographed it off the TV you can imagine how good the original was!)

Briagha was really more interested in being petted.

While Misha played hard to get and refused to face the camera.

A lovely evening - thanks to all concerned.


  1. Great evening. Great photos by Kate. Great post by you. I second your sentiments.


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