Thursday, 25 August 2011

Flowers for Partner-who-drinks-tea

They're not from me. They're from GB's next door neighbour. For the second time running - the same thing happened in 2009 - she is leaving the Island on the ferry on the same day day Jo arrives on it. It's nothing personal, honest! Mind you, I think the flowers prove that.

Partner-who-drinks-tea will be here until next Tuesday when she and I depart back for home on Merseyside but we are ambling down through Scotland and having a few nights on the West Coast as we go. Possibly even finishing with a night in my beloved Lake District.

Even though this won't be my view from the laptop after this weekend it should be a good ten or eleven days.


  1. Looking forward to pics from Scotland

  2. ...and the crossword book is never far away :-)

    It does indeed sound like you'll have a wonderful journey back.

  3. The weather is just beautiful for Jo's arrival - hope it continues for the rest of her stay.

    I have noted the glass of red wine!! x

  4. Lovely flowers and a nice gesture. I hope the sun will show its face frequently while Jo is on Lewis and also during your journey back home!

  5. Flowers, wine AND a crossword puzzle book....the perfect computer acessories!
    Have a great time with Jo and a good journey home,
    Canadian Chickadee


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