Monday, 1 August 2011

A less usual cup of coffee

One of the less usual 'cups' of coffee that GB and I have had recently (or ever) was when we made an emergency loo stop at the petrol station in Uig last week.

It involved serving one self from a machine that had a six stage instruction menu.

Fortunately GB is quite good at understanding these things.  Must be something to do with how widely he's travelled.

Rather to my surprise,  my hazlenut coffee was most pleasant and had it been served to me by a waiter / waitress in a cup I should have given it high marks out of ten.  As it was, it tasted good and gave us a crossword break - what more can one ask for?


  1. Looks rather complicated for a simple cup of coffee. I'm not sure I would have been able to operate that (especially if my morning coffee had not yet been consumed).

    Alterra is a favorite of ours and it is roasted right here in Milwaukee. :)

  2. Technology has come a long way; nowadays, such vending machines are quite sophisticated and sometimes what you get out of them is of really good quality. Of course, they take away jobs, but that's nothing new, sadly.

  3. I notice you and GB are avid crossword fans and wonder if you 'do' the London Times or some other daily/Sunday publication.
    I, too, am devoted to the crosswords; begin each day and Sunday with the New York Times puzzle and coffee. My day doesn't start without these two addictions.

  4. PS...I so enjoy comparing our descriptions: Loo = bathroom and Petrol stop = gas station.

  5. Yes. The Uig Community Shop is a sign of a very thriving community and the coffee - even in a paper cup (which I usually detest) was excellent.

  6. I used to do the Times cryptic one, Jill, but only once ever managed to finish it. The Guardian cryptic was more my level. Nowadays we settle for the Times 2 which is a general knowledge one. Ideal length for finishing over our cup of coffee and we get really frustrated if coffee is drunk before we comnplete it as happened a couple of days ago. Who was the last king of Italy!! We hate having to look it up in the back or Google it. We'll even leave it unfinished for days until one of us shouts out "Umberto".


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