Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Just discovered this in an old notebook from after a visit to Helen's primary school when she was ten -


  1. :-) Almost a Limerick. I love Limericks!

  2. Love it!! Children are so creative with their minds, when they use them. All of the gadgets and television, games and such, now, seem to shut off their ability to slow down enough - to use these areas of their minds, and then, they grow not knowing that there ever was a possibility.

    Thankfully, mine have it on the surface of their being and momma knows better than to allow too much of the superficial to clog their minds ;)

    This really made me smile!

  3. Very precious and aren't you glad you saved and found it?
    I recently came across an essay my little daughter wrote when she was about ten and was amazed to see her summer vacation through her eyes.

  4. What a sweet poem. I love the word "usefuller!"
    Canadian Chickadee

  5. Sounds like that poem came straight out of Alice in Wonderland!


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