Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The End... well not quite

Jo and I get the lunchtime ferry off Lewis and back to the mainland of Scotland. My six week holiday with GB in the Western Isles is at an end. Consolations include having a few thousand photos to sort and blog and the fact that we are not doing our usual rush home. This time we are ambling down the West coast of Scotland and through the Lake District, making a holiday of the journey itself. Now that my eyesight means we are reduced to one driver it makes it so much more comfortable for Jo not to have to rush.

As always, a big thank you to those who have made me so welcome on Lewis and, of course, to GB whose skill as a host is matched only by his kindness and the amount of effort he puts into making it a real break for me. I haven't washed a dish, cleaned a floor or made a made a meal for six weeks. It's been a fantastic break.

I am not one for chasing 'hotspots' and cyber-cafes (even if Jo would let me) so I shall be off-line for a week. I hope that during that time my fellow Bloglings stay safe and happy and I shall return once settled back home... In the mesntime I have left some scheduled postings to make you think I'm still around!

Take care,


  1. Have a wonderful and safe journey home! I am certainly not alone in looking forward to seeing more pictures and reading more of your stay on Lewis as well as your trip through Scotland and the Lake District.

  2. Safe trip home. It's good to take your time and not undo all the good of a wonderful holiday by rushing south.

  3. Have a fun and safe trip back home!

  4. Yes. It'll be strange living on my own again. But by the time this comment is moderated and appears it will be irrelevant because I will have re-adjusted.

  5. Thanks for sharing your six week holiday (and your on-going wit and wisdom).


  6. you must be a wonderful brother for a brother to want you for six weeks! so I'd say the pair of you are great siblings! continue to travel safely!

  7. Hope that you and Jo had a wonderful, meandering time. ;^) I can hardly imagine the things you've seen and experienced. ;^)


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