Sunday, 14 September 2008


VANFEST (12-13-14 September 2008) is the world's largest event for owners and enthusiasts of VW's Type 2 / Transporter vans. Held each year at the Three Counties Show Ground, Malvern, England, UK. With camping for clubs, families and others.

The programme includes, entertainment, competitions (Cooking in a Camper, Show and Shine), displays, trade stands and a Five Generations display showcasing one example of each of the five generations of the Volkswagen campervan, from the early split-screen right up to the current version of the Transporter campervans

So what, I hear you ask. Well, the fact that there were so many VW campers on the road made the journey from Exeter to Merseyside a lot less boring than it might have been. even the traffic jams were used to spot campers as they headed to the Vanfest. In all we spotted at least 75 on the M5 and M6 – initially heading in our direction and then heading South. And we were only concentrating on the early types which, with their colourful paint schemes, were easier and more interesting to see.

I tried to photograph a few as they went past but the ½ second gap as they flashed past my window, the barriers, the rain and intervening cars all made it a difficult task. Nevertheless, I got one or two..

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