Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Talking of dreams

Talking of dreams - as GB did yesterday - I awoke from a fairly unpleasant one that occurred during my afternoon nap. Because I told Ian about it straight away I can recall the details. (Why is it that normally dreams fade so quickly after we wake - does anyone know?)
I was in the front passenger seat of Uncle Phil's car and he had driven to a spot (unknown) and parked at a strange angle, partly blocking another car and leaving his engine running. (I should perhaps mention at this point that Phil has been dead for 21 years). He wanted to see my camera and so I showed him how a digital camera worked and he got out of the car and went off to try it out. He left the engine running and the handbrake off. The car came to rest against the car on its left and the wall on its right. I reversed the car and went and parked it somewhere else; despite the fact that my parking interrupted a game of football and the participants looked quite threatening. I switched the engine of and when Phil turned up he told me that the engine had to be left running because the car needed a new airbag fitting.....
Make sense of that. dream interpreters!

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