Monday, 1 September 2008

A spoonful of sugar

On Friday I had a coffee in Exeter Cathedral Refectory. For those who have previously commented on my sugar intake I would like to point out that I only had two sugars in my coffee.

But it was a small cup and they were proper spoonfuls! None of those silly little twists of paper which have so little sugar and are environmentally unfriendly. Not only are they a waste of paper but whenever people have a coffee outdoors they blow all over the place creating litter. One day I'm going to prove my point about their contents and count the grains to compare it with a proper spoonful. (But it will have to be a wet and boring day before I get around to it.)

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  1. As we discovered at the Pottery café there are problems with sugar in basins (which we favoured) because lots of people put yucky spoons back in them and ignore the sugar spoon and manage to make a real mess. The other problem is the Health Inspectors who objected to any open sugar, butter and even milk on the table although I notice that the Library in Stornoway uses open milk jugs and leaves them on the table. I could go on.....


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