Monday, 22 September 2008

I wake

GB did a blog simply about waking and getting up on Saturday. It made me realise how much I like the start of the day – if I have nothing planned that needs immediate attention. So on Sunday, waking went something like this....

I wake. This is the third time this morning since ‘morning’; technically begins at midnight. The first at half past one – trip to loo. Then five fifteen – tablets and another trip (too much information?). Then five forty five – switched on the computer and went back to bed for fifteen minutes. Six o’clock – up.
Checked Google Calendar and all the blogs and wrote e-mails to GB, Helen and Mark/Bryony describing yesterday’s events, such as they were, Put a new picture and quote on this blog. Wrote a Pensby blog. Watched the sun gradually rising – something that can only be told by the degree of light behind the Nursing Home at the back. It will be ages before it strikes any of the buildings or garden.

Went downstairs and fed the cats while preparing breakfast. Brought breakfast back up to bed and lay there eating and reading for a while.

Eventually – eight o’clock – got up properly and went downstairs to do the usual cleaning and tidying jobs before heading out into the garden. Impatient to get the lawn mown but will have to wait for a more civilised hour. In the meantime I have plants to move around, weeds to get rid off and a murky pond to study. One of the ponds has gone a dirty grey colour – something it has never done before – cannot fathom why. And so the day is begun in earnest. Won’t be long before Jo is up and we’ll share a coffee, perhaps do a crossword..

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