Sunday, 7 September 2008

Banana guard

Some time ago I saw on television the inventor of various devices to protect fruit from being bruised in children's school lunches. One of these was a Banana Guard.

They are now on the market and Ian has one. I think they are a great idea. The original banana packaging, as designed by God / Mother Nature / Darwin or whoever, is very handy - easy access, colour-coded, good shape for holding and biodegradable. But it bruises easily. I often feel like taking a banana with me in my rucksack but don't bother because I know it will be all mangled and bruised by the time I come to eat it. The Banana Guard solves the problem.
I went to the banana guard site to see if the other fruit guards are on it (they are) and was horrified to see that banana guard came in a range of colours. I really don't fancy my banana in a purple guard!

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