Friday, 26 September 2008

The last twelve months

The last twelve months or so has proved quite a busy time for the Edwards family.

In September 2007, Helen and Ian moved into their new home at Frog End, Exeter.

Around the same time, Jo moved her counselling practice into new offices in Rodney Street.

Then, in May, we lost Bryony – she became a Greenwood! Not that anyone can truly get rid of their genes – she’ll always have some of the Edwards traits! Helen was a bridesmaid and Richard an usher.

Later in May, GB’s cancer was diagnosed as being on the move which was very worrying for a while but it seems to have responded to treatment and in himself he is as bright and perky as ever.

In August Richard got his BTec Diploma in Media (with triple merits) and in September he started at Liverpool John Moores University doing a degree in Media and Cultural Studies with Screen Studies.

And now Helen has resigned from her job and is aiming to spend some time at home getting done all those things that have been on the back burner for ages.

I wonder what the next twelve months will bring...

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