Monday, 22 September 2008

I'm so excited

One of the things that I have failed to mention in the past about “Strictly Come Dancing” is the music. I’m not convinced that the professional dancers always choose the most appropriate music or song for the dance concerned. I think there has been the occasional mistake in that regard but generally the choice is as exemplary as their choreography. But the songs themselves are brilliant (and well performed). Some of them bring back personal memories for me – but not, I hasten to say of dancing! I shall try to list some of my favourite songs over the Strictly season and do a posting on them. "I'm so Excited" was one of the best from this first Strictly weekend.

Phil and Flavia are out – the first of the couples to depart from Strictly. I’m not bothered about Phil but over the years I have come to enjoy the different personalities and looks of all the professional dancers and I shall miss Flavia.

Lilia, the Russian Minx was in the dance-off and I don’t think she will last long either unless her partner Don Warrington improves drastically.

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