Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A WIRRAL Postman

This is my postman – a very important person in my life. I e-mail a lot but it is the postman who delivers the letters from non-computer-oriented friends, the books I order from Amazon, and all the other small to medium sized parcels that result from my shopping on-line. (we’ll ignore the fact that he also delivers the bills.) Fortunately he is one of life’s good guys and well above both the average postman and certainly head and shoulders above many of the private delivery companies. Some of the latter leave things in the wet by the front door (ignoring a notice about a dry and safe place to leave parcels). As we never use the front door they can be out there for a couple of days.

This is one of our postman’s predecessors – a Wirral postie from about 1912.

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  1. It's good to see people recognising the valuable service Postmen & women give. Shame Peter Mandleson & Gordon Brown don't share your appreciation.
    They want to deliver Royal Mail into foreign hands, TNT are one of the companies in the running to be given 30% of Royal Mail.

    If you want to help stop this from happening sign the e-petition
    and write to your MP asking them to support edm 428.

    Thank you.


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