Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating their Diamond Wedding

It's Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary. They made it to their Diamond anniversary in 1998 but not their platinum which is what today's would have been.

They were married on 6th Auguist 1938 at Childwall Church and are shown below with their guests in the back garden of 46 Queens Drive.

Back Row:- JPD (John Percival Davies, friend and former colleague of Mum's from work); Jack Pepper (Mum's father's sister's husband); Maude Dennison (Dad's Sister); Frank Edwards (Big Frank, Dad's Brother - best man); Renee Jones (Bridesmaid, former work colleague of Mum's); Frank Dennison (Young Frank, Dad's nephew); Agnes McKie (Dad's sister); Mack (Dad's brother-in-law); Elsie Spencer (Mum's mother's brother's wife - the 'funny' aunty Elsie); Maude Watson (Mum's mum's sister).
Front row:- James William Warden Spencer (Uncle Wardie, Mum's mum's brother); Florence Body (Mum's mum); Muriel Davies (JPD's wife); Dad; Eric Body (Mum's brother and presumably the photographer); Mum; Henry Charles Body (Mum's Dad); May Pepper (Mum's Dad's sister).

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