Monday, 4 August 2008

No more Stumble Upon

I have decided to suspend my “Another Wrinkly” Stumble Upon Blog. I still think StumbleUpon is a great way of getting around the Internet and I will continue to use it for that. But those sites of interest that I find will get a mention on my Rambles from a Chair Blog instead. Why? Because StumbleUpon Blog is not indexed. I knew I had mentioned something a while ago and it took me absolutely ages to find it. A Google Blog being so well indexed precludes that problem happening in the future.
I know a lot of people may not have visited my StumbleUpon Blog so I propose to post a few of the very best entries in my Google Blog over the next few months. Apologies to those who will have seen them before but hopefully they are good enough for you to enjoy them again.
Scriptor Senex - aka Another Wrinkly

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  1. I've never managed to get to grips with Stumble Upon and it never showed any pictures at start up (which I did every day) so, frankly, I will see far more now that you are going to show the sites in Rambles.


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