Friday, 22 August 2008

D.V., N.p., w.p.

Later on today I shall be down in Exeter with Helen and Ian - D.v.    I have really been looking forward to it for weeks.

Of course, it is possible that GB may not take me now because I put the postscript d.v. in the first sentence. For those not brought up in the Edwards household or with a classical background it stands for Deo volente or God willing. GB is in great doubt as to the likelihood of there existing a Supreme Being (other than me). To my amazement my Penguin dictionary of Abbreviations did not have d.v. in it. By contrast, a quick websearch by gave 57 different suggestions as to what it might stand for - from Darth Vader to data valid and direct voltage including four versions of God willing / God wills it.

To understand the rest of the heading you definitely had to be brought up in the Edwards household. Our next door neighbour was called Nelly Dowd and everything her husband, Uncle John, said he had planned was given the qualification "D.v., N.p." - God willing; Nelly permitting.

Our household adapted that for various activities and it became "D.v; N.p.; w.p." - God willing, Nelly permitting, weather permitting. Or, more simply, when were not feeling quite so naughty, "D.v.; w.p." - God willing, weather permitting.

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