Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Colour consistency

When Brian Harvey and I helped to create the new logo for Knowsley Borough Council many years ago one of the things on which he insisted was that everyone use the correct colour. This involved quoting colour reference numbers in all artwork and all paint jobs. It proved to be an important factor in getting the consistency for which we were aiming.

It has therefore amused me ever since to see examples of people introducing new logos or designs and failing to be consistent. The best example I have come across recently is in the Windsor cigarette packet change. They are obviously proud of their change of design and colour and have put a card in each new packet explaining that whilst the outside has changed the cigarettes inside are just the same. What they haven’t done is get their colours right so the advert in the packet is not the same colour as the new packet – in fact it’s more like the old one!

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