Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Ephemera is the general term for those bits of throwaway paper of every day life - short-lived and transitory matter such as advertising, newspaper cuttings, ticket stubs, programs, catalogues, menus, manifestos, match covers, some booklets and pamphlets. The name comes from the Greek work ephemeron, meaning something that disappears quickly. While I was doing the article about The Pools the other day I searched on-line for a picture of an old-fashioned pools coupon. Not an easy task. It is amazing to think how many billions of them were printed and yet so few remain. They are classic examples of ephemera. When I was at college studying librarianship I recall being interested in preserving ephemera for a brief spell and as a result I have some odds and ends that made their way into my diary of the time - like a match cover from the restaurant that Anne worked in.
For some more ephemera see The Editorial.

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