Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Jo and I have had a couple of coffees at Wetherspoon’s this last week. I’ve never been in a Wetherspoon pub before and I was most pleasantly surprised.
The first visit was to Hoylake Lights when we went to the viewing of the auction. We just had coffee (or in Jo’s case tea) and a traditional breakfast. Good food in pleasant surroundings with excellent service.

On Saturday we went to Mockbeggar Hall in Moreton and apart from the pre-football match crowd in part of the pub it was equally good.

This time we shared a couple of starters – chicken wings with cheese and piri-piri (African bird's-eye chili) dips and a plate of Greek dips. Very enjoyable.

I went to the Wetherspoon’s website – I’m not sure that this photo was the one I would necessarily have chosen to put on the site as advertising the Mockbeggar Hall’s facilities but I was very grateful for them later in the day!

I shall certainly be visiting Wetherspoon’s pubs again.


  1. Aaah now I am surprised that you'd never been in a Wetherspoon pub before. In York I have spent many happy hours in a whetherspoons, most recently whilst staying at the travelodge adjoining it. The food and drink is always cheap, although portions can be small.

    In Exeter the pub closest to the university is a whetherspoons. 'The Imperial' is a very large old house, with much of the original decor intact. The outside is lovely - picnic style benches on a gentle grassy slope with trees dotted around and abundant squirrels. Unfortunately the food has declined in quality in recent months so we have stopped visiting. Shame.

  2. Ah! I wonder if I went to one with you and GB some years ago in York town centre.


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