Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Milk Bottles

Ian’s Blog led me to an article by his cousin-in-law (an interesting concept) who is doing without plastic for a month. Reading her daily blog reminded me of a conversation I had with Mike at the flea market recently. Mike used to be a milkman and still does the occasional round to cover for holidays etc. Jo and I were discussing how rare it was ever to see a milk float – there is just one we sometimes pass on a Saturday on the way to the market. To my amazement he told me that 52 milk floats left the depot every morning.

Ironically from the point of view of Chris’s article, the milk is now delivered in 1 litre plastic bottles as well as the pint glass ones - and the larger, plastic ones are proving more popular!

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  1. In York I lived next door to a milkman and here in Exeter we often see a milk float on our way to work.

    We would probably have our milk delivered if we could work out a system to pay the milkman without actually having to be at home.


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