Monday, 11 August 2008

English Toffee Apples Recipe

Richard made some toffee apples last week. He uses for many of his recipes. and that is where this one came from...

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English Toffee Apples Recipe
4 washed apples
225gms (8 oz) brown sugar
110 ml (4 fl oz) water
1 tsp vinegar
25 gms (0.9oz) butter
Food colouring (if desired)
4 Wooden skewers

Skewer apples to about half-way.
Place saucepan over high heat, add sugar and water. Dissolve sugar. When it boils add vinegar and butter and cook for 7 to 10 minutes
You can also add food colouring to make different coloured ones.
Check caramel is ready by dropping a drop into cold water - if it coagulates and hardens immediately it is ready.
Dip each apples and give generous coating, swirling around in the caramel.. Place on tray to cool.
Serve when cool and hard.

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