Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sacred Earth

I missed Earth Day on Monday but when I saw this on Laloofah's blog 'Mehitable Days' I knew I had to show you it.  There were so many doomsday words written on Monday - true but nonetheless depressing. So it was lovely to find something so positive.

Get yourself a tea or coffee, put your feet up and relax for ten minutes.


  1. Thank you for this. A treat to watch with my porridge.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this Sacred Earth video...thanks for posting.
    "We need to look after what looks after us."

  3. What an amazing planet we live on! happy you shared this~
    Thank you John :D

  4. It's great that you shared this and I'm so glad to see that more people got to enjoy it! (And thank you for the shout-out!) :-) Have a great weekend!


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