Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Koala kiss

If you go to the ZooBorns site and search for koala it takes you to this set of pages - http://www.zooborns.typepad.com/zooborns/koala/
 and images like this one of Owen giving his mum a kiss.

How tweet  sweet is that?   And a couple more images from ZooBorns.  Not even a handful of bunny -

It's a good job this is a tortoise and not a turtle.  If it were the latter it would have to be a very small Discworld to fit on its back.


  1. You have so many blogs and I realized I have never visited any one of them. So, with little time these days I thought I would read this one! Love cute baby animals...

  2. This is so full of cuteness. I especially like the baby koala, but they are all so adorable.

  3. Baby animals are always so darn cute and cuddly.
    Like kids, you sometimes wish they would remain small, cute and cuddly.

  4. KILLING ME with the CUTENESS!!!!!!

  5. What adorable photos of these precious critters! That wee turtle could indeed only fit a little bitty Discworld on his back. (Always fun to connect with a fellow Terry Pratchett fan!)

  6. The tortoise is so tiny! Thank you for visiting me earlier!

  7. These are so adorable!!
    I didn't get the Terry Pratchett reference, but I have a turtle that was probably not much bigger when I got him. He was about the size of a quarter. Now he is the size of a dinner plate.

  8. The first pic should be the poster for Mother's Day! Love it!

  9. I want a Koala kiss...these photos are magical!
    I have always wanted to cuddle a Koala...wow~
    Thank you for sharing!


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