Monday, 22 April 2013

Happy Monday - In the restaurant


  1. All I can say about texting is....everyone will have sore necks from the constant head hanging and also sore thumbs..all I can say about that hubby is a Chiropractor and I love sore necks!...just kidding!...sort of!

  2. Well, surely Heaven is keeping up with the times...
    This old gospel hit comes to mind for me :)

    Operator, Information
    Give me Jesus on the line
    Operator, Information
    I'd like to speak to a friend of mine
    Oh prayer is the number
    Faith is the exchange
    Heaven is the street
    And Jesus is his name
    Operator, Information
    Please give me Jesus on the line

  3. Sadly, we have a whole generation missing their youth, bending over the little black box. You know what else they are missing?...making memories. When they are old they will not have as much to remember and regain the pleasure of things gone by. Ah well.. I am getting old too and I find remembering is not just being able to recall, but also I can re-remember and experience again the excitement, exhilaration, joy and happiness of those occasions. Memory is such a gift.

  4. Texting, i-padding - have to admit I am addicted and in my 75th year.


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