Sunday, 7 April 2013

Out in the garden

On Wednesday 3rd  April the garden still had snow lying on it but in most places it was clear. Nevertheless, the Blackbirds were still appreciating all the apples we’d been giving them.

A friend of mine in Corsica said not to worry about the flowers under the snow – they’d soon bounce back.  I didn’t really believe her.  After all, how could the delicate stem of a Daffodil or the open bloom of a Primula survive under all that snow?

She was proved correct in most cases.  As you can see there is a Daffodil or two in the background still a bit battered and a Primula bloom that has been burned by the snow but in most cases they looked fine on Thursday.  

And on Friday I was out in the garden in the sunshine (though it was bitter) and by Saturday it was warm enough to relax on the patio between gardening jobs. More photos from then will appear shortly.

In the meantime, since I know some of you get withdrawal symptoms if she’s not in a post here is someone about to discover that the woodpecker on the Honeysuckle and Clematis pergola is plastic.


  1. I had never noticed that you had a plastic woodpecker on the pergola. Hmmm.

    1. It's been pecking away there for quite a few years but when you come it is summer and he (or she) tends to hide among the Honeysuckle leaves.

  2. I know daffodils and pansies can be surprisingly hardy... More surprised that the primulas did not seem to take more harm.

  3. I love flowers, and I'm glad they're hanging on in your garden after the snow fall, BUT I love the Ivy photo the best.
    A plastic woodpecker....hhhmmmmm....Ivy is going to have so much fun.

  4. I too, enjoy the Ivy post best. She's a character. Last night I discovered a new TV show on Animal Planet called, Cat From Hell.... A cat behaviourist comes in and analyzes the situation and does his behavioral techniques on the cat and the owners to make the environment happy again for all. I'd never seen that show before. It's like the Dog Whisperer, only for a cat.

  5. Ivy in the honeysuckle :-)
    I wonder whether she will keep checking on the woodpecker, secretly hoping that one day he might become real!

  6. The blossoms have certainly bounced back! Fantastic photos!

  7. Great blog! I love the flower-pics. In the Netherlands your first flower is called: narcis. I've seen the first ones here too and it make me so glad: spring is coming after a long, snowy winter.

  8. Well, that's something new I have learned today. I never knew blackbirds liked apples!:)

  9. Great pix - your next assignment is to get a shot of Ivy sitting in ivy. Call it "The Redundancy".


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