Monday, 15 April 2013

Just occasionally

Just occasionally one comes across a work of art that leaves one speechless and has one admiring it for ages.  This piece by Aaron Westerberg had just that effect on me.

 You can see some more of his pictures here.

 Aaron Westerberg is a native Californian whose work hangs in major corporation and museum collections. He has been featured in such publications as 2007’s “Strokes of Genius”, a collection of the best drawings from around the globe; American Art Collector Magazine; The Artist Magazine and Southwest Art Magazine. He is a member of the Oil Painters of America, the Portrait Society of America and The California Art Club.

He also has a book which appears to be self-published.  It seems a shame that someone as talented as he cannot find a publisher.  


  1. Beautiful! I've just been to have a look at his own website, where it says "In his paintings, he strives for elegance and timelessness while striking a balance between classic techniques and contemporary subject matter." Well, he certainly not only strives for elegance and timelessness, but truly achieves it in each of his works, as far as I could tell from my brief perusal.

  2. That is truly a mesmerizing painting! I've never heard of Aaron Westerberg, even if he is from California. I shall have to look him up and find more of his paintings. I'm not sure who is the most intriguing, the woman looking at the painting, (she is beautiful), or what she is looking at.

  3. I agree with you about the picture. I speaks to me too. I have several on a similar theme here in NZ. He is certainly an artist I will be following from now on.

  4. I think I understand why you are so captivated by his work....he does paint well...very very well.
    Loves the female form doesn't he?
    I counted three only male paintings on his

  5. I popped over to see more and I think he is indeed very talented. I've never heard of him so thank you for sharing his work and a bit about him.

  6. You're right, Scriptor, his paintings are lovely. But I think the problem with his success (or lack thereof) is because of the clarity of his works. Somehow, realism seems to have gone out of fashion. More's the pity.

  7. I agree, Mr. Westerberg is very talented! My favorite of his paintings on the page you shared is the one you chose for this post, but I also really love the two just above it. Those faces look like they have captivating stories to tell, and the one of the lady studying the painting tickles the imagination. Wonder what it is about that painting that has her so seemingly intrigued?

    I'd like to think that Mr. Westerberg is self-published because it's become so common, and maybe is far less limiting creativity-wise than having a contractual obligation with a publishing house. But I'd be terribly surprised and disappointed if his work has merely gone unrecognized and unappreciated! I've always thought it takes far more talent to paint a realistic portrait (or anything realistic, but portraits seem like they'd be the most challenging) than it does to paint splatters or cubes or people with guitars for noses (lol)! I just don't have an appreciative eye for paintings of things I can't possibly recognize or that look like the finger-paintings I did in kindergarten. :-)

  8. What I love about this painting is that I can't tell if she's wearing a very couture white gown, or clutching a bedsheet around her in a public gallery! (Maybe she's related to BBC's Sherlock, who went to Buckingham Palace in a bed sheet - ha!)


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