Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I know worse things happen all over the world all the time and I don’t mention them.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think about them. 

But somehow the cowardliness and meanness of the Boston Marathon attack has really hit home to me. 

Having watched the Exeter Half-Marathon a couple of times and seen so many people running for charity, putting their heart and soul and more than every ounce of muscle power into reaching that finishing line; being cheered on by a crowd which shouted and applauded even though they didn’t know the people; just seeing the effort put in.

The approach to the finish line was such a happy place for all concerned.

The thoughts of runners, stewards, helpers and watchers from all over the world are with the injured and the families of the dead in Boston.  Can’t say any more.


  1. One more time I wonder how much more insanity we will have to endure. Boston was a subject of prayers at our Bible Study this morning.

  2. It was a terrible thing. I hope the country (indeed, the western world) doesn't descend into fear. That's how the bad people win.

  3. This is a really lovely and heartfelt post. Your photos are so joyful and celebratory, their contrast with the photos from Boston illustrate so starkly much of what was stolen from the people in and at the Boston Marathon.

    And I know what you mean about not mentioning every horror that goes on in the world, but how it doesn't mean we don't think about them.

    Peace to you.

  4. It is so sad...I too could not help but write a post as well.
    Being so far away, sometimes you don't think that events like this will knock the wind out of your sails, but it affects you more than you ever dreamed of.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to all who were affected by this cowardly deed/tragedy.

  5. Such wanton cowardliness is beyond my, and I suspect most people's, comprehension.


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