Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ivy doing some gardening

Well, I've had three days away from the computer.  One day off sick.  One day preparing food and tidying the house and hunting out some books to give to Daughter-who-takes-photos.  And then one wonderful day with said Daughter and Friend-and-Son-in-law-who-loves-otters when they visited.  This morning the sun is shining and I've been gardening, despite a nippy wind, taking up where I left off the day it started snowing a fortnight ago.  There's still snow about but only the odd tiny patch. Yesterday's warmth and sunshine put paid to most of the last of it.

At the weekend, helped by the postmen not coming in the snow and the fact that it was Easter weekend, I got my Postcard blog up-to-date.  Now, Thursday, it’s thirteen cards behind. Not that I’m complaining, every card is most welcome and each one will cause me to do some interesting research to write about it.  

Postage prices went up again in the UK on 1st April.  I wish they would stay stable for more than six months at a time. It’s not just the increased cost it’s all that planning that went into creating 87p combinations of stamps for sending to people.  Now I have to do completely different combinations or add a silly little 1p stamp

Ivy is glad to have the snow gone and this morning was playing around while I did some gardening.  

 I tried a few photos but most of them turned out to lack an Ivy. She was zooming around at the other end of the garden by the time the shutter clicked….

She helped me a bit.

“You asked for the trowel – is this the trowel?”

“Meow, meow - Excuse me, I’m stuck up here.”

“Well don’t just stand there, help me down?”

“This thing moves when I put my paws on it.”

“I think you’re being mean leaving me stuck up here so you can take photos.”

“Oh look, what’s that skipping across the lawn?”

“That’s one leaf that will never skip again.”


  1. I think Ivy was having way too much fun and enjoying the snow being gone. glad it is warming up for you. enjoy your weekend!

  2. I'm having my one day sick today..even called off work and that's something I haven't done in about 4yrs. I hope you had a nice Easter. I think Ivy is having the time of her life in your lovely garden. Hopefully the snow is over and Spring will finally arrive. We have a few warmer temps going here. Have a good weekend!

    1. Oh dear - hope you get the best out of your sick day and are fit and well soon.

  3. Oh my gosh! Ivy is a beauty!!! She must give you and PWLT hours of entertainment!
    Love those Primroses, too!

  4. It must be fantastic being a young cat at this time of the year and live with you, where the biggest "problem" is being left stuck somewhere for a few minutes to have one's picture taken before being helped down :-)

    1. Yes, P-w-l-t wants to be re-incarnated as a cat living with me so she can just play or curl in front of the fire with a full tummy!

  5. "It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Ivy!!
    How long did you leave the poor dear on top of the shed or did you help her down eventually?
    It's so nice to see her exploring everything in the garden....this post made me happy.
    She's a lovely catten.
    I'm so very ashamed that my card is not up on your memo's till sitting on my vanity all wrapped up from the store when I purchased it back in (SSHHHH) January.

    1. She got down herself even before I'd finished taking the photos I wanted. I tok a photo of when she jumped but she's not on it - she was down before the shutter clicked! I need faster reactions.
      Please don't feel guilty about a postcard - it should be about fun and doing it when you feel like it, not feeling obliged to do it.

  6. Looks like she's having a great time exploring. Glad you've been able to resume the gardening. No use starting anything here yet even on the balcony... The nights are still very cold (frosty).
    I inherited so many stamps from my dad it will be a good while yet before I have to buy any again, but it is certainly a puzzle fitting them together for postcards abroad. I may have to buy bigger postcards...


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