Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Sorry but...

My apologies but I may have to return to using a CAPTCHA. (For the uninitiated that is a device which makes you type in the word verification when you leave a comment.) I have started getting stupid – repetitive Chinese lettering on my comments again. I know it’s not a serious attempt to leave a comment because it is the same characters every time. If I do have to return to using word verification I realise I shall lose those commenters who dislike them but I am fed up of discarding the silly ones!

Jo took me shopping in Birkenhead yesterday:-



She has another day out planned today – the hardware store, charity shop, garden centre and an auction viewing.... Dread to think what the after photo will look like this time.


  1. captcha or not..I'll continue :)

    I like your post about shopping - hahaha - I feel that way at the end of just picking up the groceries!!

    I'm not a BIG shopper, I like new things but not so much the process of getting them. I'm also a bit indecisive when there are too many choices :)

  2. That's what my wallet looks like after my wife goes on the back to school shopping sprees.

  3. I agree, the verification word is a hassle sometimes, but necessary also. have a great week!!

  4. One night last week...(I think after the Friday Shoot-Out) I got TEN of those Chinese letter comments on different posts throughout June and July. It was the same day that it was announced that Twitter and Facebook had virus trouble.
    It was aggravating to go back and delete them all. I was not sure what the solution would be to prevent that from occurring again.

    Take your vitamins and have fun shopping!

  5. What great pictures! They totally express your day!

    I had inappropriate Chinese comments on my post yesterday for the first time. Quite annoying. Perhaps if we call attention to it, it will stop?

  6. Never jump to conclusions! That will teach me. When I saw the pic and headline. I thought - despite the fact that the girl in the pic was neither of your daughters! - that yourlatest news was that you were going to become a Grandpa!!!!!!!!! As I said, never jump to conclusions.

  7. The pictures of the shoppers were lovely. They made me smile all day.
    The Canadian chickadee


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