Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Lemon Meringue pie

A tiring couple of days have just gone by but enjoyable ones nonetheless. Partner-who-loves-tea and I got a number of outstanding bits of shopping out of the way and managed to fit in some fun bits as well.

Yesterday we had coffee (or in Jo’s case tea, of course) at Burton Nurseries after we had looked briefly at the flowers and lengthily at the crystals in one of the concessions there. (I love the selenite lamps – hint, hint.) Having only eaten there once before and resolved never to do so again we discovered it had radically changed from former times and the menu on offer was excellent – and the prices very reasonable. In the end we just settled for a couple of desserts. If I have a big meal at lunchtime I tend to fall asleep before the afternoon is out. Jo had an orange and lemon sponge and I had lemon meringue pie. How’s this for presentation in a garden centre cafe!!

Lemon meringue pie is not only one of the dishes I adore but it also has a humorous memory attached to it. When I was youth hostelling in the Cotswolds on my bicycle at the tender age of fifteen I usually made my own evening meal but in the hostel in Bath I had treated myself and booked the hostel’s evening meal. It included, quite by chance lemon meringue pie. I was seated next to two gorgeous German girls of roughly my own age and we attempted to chat. They had little English and I knew no German – so we were trying to converse in French. They had never seen lemon meringue pie before and asked what it was made of. Imagine trying to explain about beaten whites of egg in a language foreign to both parties whilst partly tongue-tied because of their attractiveness... Great fun.

I hope you have a fun day, today. I'm aiming for a quiet one.


  1. MMMmmmm- My mommy made the BEST lemon meringue pie when I was little! I'd sneak in the fridge and swipe little bits of the meringue off of the top :)

    I loved how it would collect little sugar bubbles as it rested in the fridge...MMMmmmm :)

  2. I hope you get to have your quiet, restful day. When I was a kid my mother baked a lot. Lemon meringue was my favorite and she baked the best. Funny because I was never one who liked sweets, but lemon meringue was a whole different matter.

  3. I am really impressed by the presentation! I really enjoy going on your outings with you, full of pictures and fun stories.

    BTW, the pictures that you find for your "bit of news" are wonderful!!!

  4. My mother could make the most amazing Lemon Meringue Pie, it never failed to impress. So much so even my children remark... not as good as Nan's used to be... whenever it is served these days.
    That looks delicious and as you say beautifully served.
    Love Granny


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