Sunday, 16 August 2009

A lot of nothing

Gosh, life is busy. and yet I’m not sure that I’ve achieved much today. Jo and I sorted some more jewellery out first thing this morning. It’s a job we started in March and it got interrupted. Once a big job gets interrupted you end up having to start all over again to catch up where you left off. So this time I’m determined to finish it. We’ve been photographing all the jewellery – much of it dress jewellery of no intrinsic value but of some family significance.

Then we went shopping in Tesco. That ranks somewhere between Ugh and Ugh-Ugh in my vocabulary. There are some shops – including some supermarkets – that I enjoy shopping around. But Tesco is not one.

After that we did a bit more jewellery sorting and then I had a lie down and watched TV. We’ve got Sky TV working again after a week of being lied to by their various operatives. Each time Jo rang they said they’d fixed the fault but it would take up to 24 hours to take effect. Needless to say that was just a way of getting her off the phone. I do hate it when people lie like that. Fortunately she got an operative who cared and listened on Saturday and within ten minutes he had got the Sky reception working properly.

Unfortunately the first programme I watched on our newly restored TV was the first Premiership match of the season for Liverpool. We played Tottenham Hotspurs and we lost!! Not a good start to the season. I think Liverpool need to think seriously about getting a new manager. We have two of the best players in the world – Gerrard and Torres and a few that rank highly in the Premiership but we don’t have a strong enough squad to cope with injuries or rotate players.

Then I did a few odd jobs and watched a bit of the World Athletics Championship while working on the computer.

Now I want to read up some of my friend’s blogs and head for bed....



  1. Sorting jewellery - not one of my favorite pastimes, but then neither is watching sports or shopping at big stores. I hope you got the TV and the jewels sorted out!

  2. Hi, John, hope that tomorrow will be better for you. It's good to get some of these more tedious chores out of the way, but in spite of having an attack of guilt, I seem to have run out of steam whilst trying to sort out a couple of closets this afternoon. It seems to take so much energy to decide (keep? rubbish? charity?) that I might just go back to reading the Michael Jecks book I started earlier this week! Take care, the Canadian Chickadee

  3. Michael Jecks - I like too. You have good taste, Candian Chickadee - but then I already knew that!

    Obviously not your sort of day, Pondside, buit whilst the jewellery and shopping were chores I have to admit the sports are a willing part of "A Man's gotta do what a Man's gotta do!"

  4. Will we get to see some of it...?

  5. Yes, hopefully I'll be posting a few photos with a bit of the family history attached to certain pieces.

  6. Sorry Carol - we don't have a nice big Co-op like you. It's Tesco or Aldi! Then, down the road a fair bit there's an Asda. That's our choice - ugh!


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