Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The dialogue continues

Perhaps it reflects the sex of the majority of my readers but I noted little sympathy for me over the good wife’s guide or when Jo and I had our piece of dialogue. Perhaps the sympathy will increase with this latest piece of chat from Jo which followed her claim that I owed her a BIG present. She came into the lounge and did a fashion show...

Jo:- “We went in Mooch, that new shop in West Kirby. It’s not a cheap shop, shall we say.”

Scriptor thinks:- “I presume that translates as ‘It’s damned expensive’?”

Jo:- “Any way I wasn’t really looking. I was just walking behind Val, basically.”

Scriptor thinks:- “Like, I’m expected to believe that?”

Jo, modeling a new, knee-length cardigan:- “What do you think?

Scriptor:- “I have to admit it would not be my choice.”

Jo:- “I didn’t really expect you to like it. It’s alright, you don’t have to like it – you just have to pay for it!



  1. No sympathy from me either! Jo is just my kind of person!!

    Just pay up, shut up and then you, as well as Jo, will be very happy bunnies!! xx

  2. Might have been cheaper for you to say you loved it... ;)

  3. ok, that has given me a huge belly laugh! PERFECT! I guess I opened pandora's box with the good wife thing! LOL love it! anyway, although I have shared it with the world, I have NOT shared it with my own huhoney! He would want to revert to the first 16 years of our marriage when I was THAT WOMAN!hehehehe

  4. Hmmm....I have nothing to say...but I'm just sitting here with a tiny grin on my face ;)

  5. Oh my gosh! So funny!

    SS, next time try, "That looks fantastic! But then, you'd look great in anything!"

    Talk about gettin' lucky!

  6. Your Jo sounds like a pretty smart girl. ;)

  7. Nope, that doesn't evoke sympathy, sorry. But mirth? a big yes to that!

  8. Tricia. You hit the nail on the head. His wife is a very smart girl!

  9. I know Mooch well...have never actually bought anything though. Good for Jo :)


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