Monday, 17 August 2009

A Quick Sprint Around the World

Would you like to see what your name looks like in Chinese? Then visit Quality Language and have a look.

In the Athletics World Championships last night Britain’s Jessica Ennis won the Heptathlon. She is the first Heptathlete World Champion from GB. Well done Jessica.

Shortly afterwards, Ussain Bolt ran the greatest ever 100 metres in history, winning the World Championship in a World Record time of 9.85 seconds. The race included Britain’s Dwain Chambers who ran a 10 second dead to get sixth place.

More jewellery cataloguing today and perhaps in the near future I'll be able to blog about a few of the more interesting pieces and their family connections.



  1. Very interesting!
    Going right now to check out my name in Chinese.

  2. My first husband for 32 years till he died in 1990 was Chinese, so I already knew my name. But this is a new site to me, so I will investigate.
    Had enough of scores and running as David is an avid watcher!!!

    Love Granny

  3. I thought that was just the most magnificent 100m race I've ever seen! The grace and elegance of that man - not to mention the speed. Please, please let him be "clean"!!!


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