Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Baby Boys

A few more mementoes from the Scriptor Senex heirloom box...

A brass barrel money box which Jo and I decided to use for David. It still contains a couple of pounds which he was given as ‘pocket money’.

This duck money box was a christening gift to Richard from his Nana and Grandpa. Perhaps unsurprisingly it has no money in it.

This is the teether that Richard was given as a tiny tot. It wasn’t designed for use – merely as something to be kept.

This was attached to my teether and judging by the absence of the ring it was used!

These little people were on a bar that ran across the front of David’s high chair.

And this chap – about an inch long – was among the items that my Mum kept until her death. It looks like a cake decoration so I assume it was on a cake made to celebrate GB’s birth or christening – or possibly mine.



  1. It's just dawned on me how English your title is. Do any other than the English "ramble"?
    It must be wonderful sorting through your "stuff" but how could you possibly part with any of it - that duck or that elephant - surely not! And the spoons - is that an English thing, too? It's totally new to me and I thought we in the colonies had adopted the English ways!

  2. They are all lovely and so full of memories!

  3. I just can't imagine what other special little treasures one might find in your hidey places. These are smile makers :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE seeing your wonderful mementos! I have a box, that I have had since I was a young girl... it has traveled all over with me, through every move we have ever made and I threatened my huhoney with his life if it ever was lost or misplaced. One day, hopefully my children will find the "items" inside as meaningful as I do.


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