Saturday, 8 August 2009


Yet another morning of frustratingly trying to get Internet access. I’ve decided to get an extension lead for the desktop aerial to see if I can position it in a better place to receive the signal without having to move the computer itself. As things stand I get half way through a job and lose access – so annoying. There’s supposed to be a plate you can put on BT installations that helps with Broadband speed. So far BT haven’t let me either log in or see the plate that the page is displayed on. Don’t you just hate computers at times.

Then when I got Internet access yesterday I accidentally deleted a couple of comments – Honey and Spesh, please accept my apologies. Fortunately I could rescue the contents of the comments from my e-mails and re-insert them. I managed to reject them because some plonker had tried to advertise on my blog (a spurious attempt to link an Elizabeth Ferrars book review to his website!) and I accidentally ticked their comments as I rejected his. I do wish people would not use blog comments as a way of advertising.

Add to all that a bad back from gardening and I’m in a real moaning mood.

On my book blog Heather asked how I managed to read so much in addition to the other things I do. In fact I spend a lot of time in bed because of my health and therefore feel that I waste so much of my time. I guess everything is relative. At least nowadays I don’t have young children to look after or a paid job to attend.

So, after that moan, I’m not sure I’ve got much sensible to add. I’ve loads of books to review on my Book blog so perhaps I’ll get on with doing that – Internet permitting. But then again, the sun is shining - perhaps I'll test out how my back is in the garden... See you later some time.



  1. Sorry you're having so many problems. Yes, I absolutely do hate computers sometimes. But then what would we do without them? ;)

    Hope tomorrow is a brighter day for you.

  2. My computer hasn't been on its most cooperative mood this morning either. It IS annoying. Hope your day gets better! :)

  3. Moaning halves the agony of whatever causes the moan, so moan away here on blogger. We can all take it.
    Frustrating or what, hate it when computers and appendages fail to work. We are having a moan here because two... not one, but two yard brooms broke on the same day. Not a big thing in the scheme of things, but hubby is not best pleased with the world!!!
    Love Granny

  4. A good moan is great for getting things off your chest, but I'm not too sure what it's supposed to do for a bad back!?! Hope yours is Okay, whatever...

  5. Don't we all have a love/hate relationship with computers?
    Easy on your back, SS. Maybe reading in the garden would be better today than working in it.

  6. In relation to reading as a small point perhaps you should add that you read at a phenomenal speed. You've read a book by the time I've read a chapter.

  7. John, time spent reading is NEVER time wasted! But oh, so many books, so little time...
    Canadian Chickadee


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