Friday, 7 August 2009

Not a child friendly post!

Sorry - I try to keep my posts child friendly but this one just doesn't work without the swearword at the end!!!

Whether you own a dog or not, you must appreciate the efforts of this owner to sell her dog. Read the sales pitch!!!

Dog For Sale

Free to good home. Excellent guard dog. Owner cannot afford to feed him anymore, as there are no more drug pushers, thieves, murderers, or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat.

Most of them knew him as 'Holyshit!'


  1. LOL - oh that was AWESOME!!!!

    Great sales pitch - what a huge dog too! Jeez, he makes Moonbeam look small.

  2. That's an incredible dog, Sir! Do you imagine it's been slightly photoshopped, at all?

    Good grief, you could always put a saddle on him and ride him out a bit! Have a fine weekend, Sir! Thank you for your fabulous MMM posts, too!

  3. This is so cute. Made me smile.

  4. LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT ANIMAL!!!! That's my response as well!

  5. Ey Caramba! I wonder what breed he is...looks like possibly a Mastiff or Presa Canario? He's a little intimidating.

  6. so funny! thanks for the laugh today.

  7. Really funny.
    Thanks for the chuckle.


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