Tuesday, 31 March 2009

An ordinary middle-aged woman

A ‘happy, ordinary, middle-aged suburban woman’ has died. It's with regret and sadness that I must announce to you that after years of living with melanoma Sara Shulsinger, author of Moving Right Along, has died. She had just turned 46 on the 24th of March.

Sara passed away last Saturday evening at 7:30 PM at Emerson hospital in Concord, Massachusetts, accompanied by her partner of 16 years, Erik Squires, Erik does nopt wish for condolences and says that if you had seen her last week, and in her last moments, you'd understand why he was grateful that she did not linger any longer. As Erik wrote in an e-mail to friends and family "May your grief be short, and your fond memories everlasting."

Sara was the very first blogger whose blog I read when I set up mine. How that came to be I cannot recall after all this time. She endeared herself to Jo, Richard and I when she awarded me the booby prize in one of her competitions and we opened it on Christmas Day.

Life is too short to spend it grieving for all the people we sort of half know in blogland but that doesn't mean we won't miss them and remember them with fondness for a long, long time.


  1. I just read Sara's last posting and that on Serendipity - My favourite word. What a spirit she had, Scriptor...

  2. Well, I never read her blog, but didn't for a minute think it strange that you would take the time to write about someone you "half know" in blog land. We're human - one of our great needs is for connection. It doesn't really matter to me how we get that connection and blogging seems as legitimate as any other form....say letter writing or chatting on the phone.

  3. Meant to say - I see you have a quote from Bachelor Bros B&B - love that book and have bought so many copies of it. I put it in the guest room and guests invariably love it, I give it away and then have to search for another. Have you read the sequel?

  4. I am so, so sorry to hear of this. Forty-six is far too young. Melanoma is so insidious. I live in fear of it. My husband has had three or so different cases of skin cancer, so far not melanoma, but he's pre-disposed so has to be checked often.

    It's just heartbreaking when someone dies of this.

  5. I loved Bachelor Brother B&B but haven't read the sequel yet. So many books, so little time....


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