Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I love Iguanas

All too often we hear of shops doing things wrong, lacking in customer care and generally being a pain. How good it was to read about the Fortuna Pet Shoppe on Cheaper Than Therapy. It reminded me of my experience at the Stornoway Garden Centre which doubles as a pet store and even allows schools to have school visits to see its exotic animals. We were not only encouraged to take photos but they even tried to get the Chinese Water Dragon to take a cricket for the camera. The fact that it wouldn’t co-operate wasn’t their fault. You know the saying – never work with children and animals...

The year before last while I was on Skye I got to hold a snake but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos. But holding an Iguana – Wow, Taterbug, I’m green with jealousy!


  1. Love that shade of green!

  2. Love the photo! You and the Iguana!
    When we moved to Arizona, Hubby was absolutely terrified of "the SSSS word."
    Then the parks department held a S***E talk. We went in hopes that we could learn how to tell the good ones from the BAD ones. (If you have a good one living in your yard, let him stay. He keeps the bad one out. Territorial.)
    Turns out, Hubby held every one of them, and said as we were leaving, "I feel much better about that."
    However, some time later, one evening when we saw something slither across the carpet and under the couch (!), guess who had to catch it and remove it???? Righto!

  3. You made me laugh. This is a good pre-St Patrick's Day post: lots of green!

  4. What a cool post! My daughter was thrilled to see you liked her picture!!!

  5. Great fun! I have never, never seen my OH so happy than when he got to hold an iguana on hols - He sprinted over to where she was!

    She was called 24KT Gold (in Spanish - this was the Dominican Republic!) She was a star, and so well looked after - He looks really happy in resulting photo, but not quite as green around the gills as you!

  6. I love how you entertain, oh green man of envy :o).

    I, now, MUST scan in the photos of Popeye. I don't have great ones though, like yours is here. The camera I used 13 years ago was just a trinket in my pocket but...I shall share him and his story with you. Yes, he is an Iguana that lived with us for a few years before we had children.

    It seems to me that I've shared this somewhere before. Hmmmm...did I tell you already? Oh well...if so, hear it again :o).

  7. Looks liked you started the St Paddy's Day celebrating early! Green beer is never good for one's complexion. Next rime stick to Bailey's Irish Cream in your coffee and skip the green Guiness.


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